WHY have my tulips flopped like this? There has not been a windstorm.....?...

Asked March 23, 2020, 5:13 PM EDT

WHY have my tulips flopped like this? There has not been a windstorm.....? I'm puzzled

Clackamas County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. Tulip leaves will droop if the soil is too hot or too dry (probably not this month's problem), or if there is a sudden drop in temperatures after a period of warm weather. Since we've had night time temperatures at or below freezing, they emerged from the ground believing it was spring and then--zap--it was not. Assuming you give them good care during the year (and be sure to leave the leaves attached until they turn yellow and/or brown), they should rebound next year. But, outdoor plants are always subject to Mother Nature's whims, so expect the unexpected! Good luck!

Thank you for this information. I thought I had inadvertently done something to them. Poor little guys, would it have helped if I had put leaves over them when the cold snap came?

Some type of mulch is helpful for these not-as-hardy-as-you-thought plants, so long as you remove it so it doesn't cover the leaves so the sun can't reach them during the say. Some gardeners use floating row covers for crops that need protection, but that is more difficult with flowers spread out over the landscape. So save the leaves to save the bulbs!