Tax foreclosure

Asked March 23, 2020, 12:11 PM EDT

I am behind on property taxes. I am a single recently divorced father and am having trouble with paying my property taxes. Is there any way i can get an extension? Also my homestead credit was dropped after 2016 and i keep getting the run around from the county and city.

Ionia County Michigan

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For assistance with your property taxes, the program we work with is Step Forward Michigan There is an online application on the website. The Step Forward Michigan phone number is 866-946-7432 for help completing the application or feel free to contact me with questions.

The Step Forward Michigan website is Scroll to #2 to start a new application. Click on the sections to open, and the first few are pretty self-explanatory filling in the required fields for your client from the documents below which you have gathered. The last step is to write about your hardship like an emergency home repair or vehicle repair, etc. Include the month, year and dollar amount. For example: Hot water heater 5/22/16 cost $567. Car tires 2/11/16 cost $345 (I make this up but hope you it helps you understand how to state your hardship.) Step Forward wants to see the timeline that started just prior to when you started missing tax payments coincides with your hardship(s) and the dollars involved.

After you complete the application, print and sign pages 3 and 7. On page 2, the Third Party Authorization, if you want me to be listed to be able to talk to Step Forward about you case if there is an issue, write in Brenda Long, MSU Extension 616-527-5357 Otherwise they will only talk to you.

The list of documents needed is at Based on our conversation, the ones you should need for tax assistance are:

· the latest delinquent tax notice from Ionia County Treasurer.

· your Income (1 month of pay stubs) or Benefits such as Social Security award letter for 2017? stating how much you receive each month. Do you receive food stamps or any other income? If yes, the benefit award letter.

· Property Legal Description which has your name listed on title. (example: copy of a recorded deed). If you do not have your deed, I can request a copy from Ionia County Register of Deeds office.

· Also documentation of your hardship showing why you missed your tax payments starting in 2017? during the timeframe when you started missing them (example: out-of-pocket critical expense paid for a House repair, vehicle repair, etc.). Just a sentence or two, including dates and dollar amounts.

I can work with you to complete the application and required forms, submit them for you and track the progress with Step Forward Michigan. If you want my assistance, email me at I have worked successfully with many Ionia County homeowners and have a relationship with the Ionia County Treasurer and Register of Deeds offices.