Mole problem

Asked March 22, 2020, 11:28 PM EDT

Hi, What's the best way to get rid of moles in my yard. I have a low area in back where the water accumulates after rain. Every year I have lots of dirt mounds and tunnels from moles. What recommendations do you have for dealing with them? Thank you!

Oakland County Michigan

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Trapping is the only sure way to rid of moles. There are a variety of traps on the market, none of them particularly user friendly and with a short learning curve. But it is the only proven effective method for ridding of moles. That said, your pictures reveal what appears to be star nosed mole activity, not good. There are two types of mole in Michigan, the Eastern mole and the Star nosed mole. Eastern moles make the runs just under the soil surface and Star nosed borrow deeper and push the soil to the surface creating the volcanoes. Of the two, Star nosed are more difficult to trap because their runs are much deeper. Best advice, stand quietly over the volcanoes with a pitch fork. When you see one move, jam it with the pitch fork. The tried and true method used by farmers since the begining of moles. Otherwise you might consider a professional critter ridder. Read more here:

And here:

Finally here is a link to a profession trapper in Cincinnati. Click on all of the tabs to learn more about mole physiology:

Good luck!

Ok John, thank you!

That makes sense. I had a mole in a previous yard and it didn't make these volcanoes. So a different kind huh.

I'll test my patience and try my hand at the real wack a mole.

Whack a mole for real yes. The best time to catch active mounds is when you first see it happening, or when you notice new mounds being formed. They will be the most active.

Again, good luck!