Spike Draecena palm hardiness

Asked March 22, 2020, 3:24 PM EDT

I have two spike (long, thin sword-like leaves, 3" stem) draecena palms. I potted them outside when they were two feet tall. Now they are over 6' tall. I will put them in the ground but aren't these annuals and won't they die in a colder winter? Thank you.

Washington County Oregon

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Yes. Your Dracaena Palm would not fare well outdoors in our climate. It is best to keep it as a house plant, maybe moving it outdoors in the summer to a sheltered area.

Temperatures: Dracaena prefers temperatures ranging from 65 – 78℉ during the day. Night temperatures can drop about ten degrees cooler, but cold drafts and temperatures below 55℉ will harm the plant. Make sure that you display your dracaena away from any heating or cooling appliances. Natural room humidity is fine seeing as the dracaena is such a hardy houseplant, but it does prefer the higher humidity of its natural rainforest habitat. You can improve humidity with a commercial humidifier or by placing the plant on a tray of pebbles, with water reaching just below the pebble tops.


Hope this helps!

Please see the two attached photos of my plants. They have been outside all winter and look good. I guessed they are dracena they seem to be faring well in this colder weather. Maybe they aren't draecena?

1. Please ID this plant
2. Please advise of its hardiness so I will know if it will survive in the ground.

Thank you very much.

This certainly appears to be a dracaena palm. From all of the research I did, the tree will not survive in temperatures below 35 degrees. I would not recommend that you plant it in the ground unless it is well protected.

Hope this helps!

I appreciate your time and input. Thanks!