Sick trees

Asked March 22, 2020, 1:36 PM EDT

We have a group of 9 sick trees including 6 cedar trees and 4 deciduous trees. In the front yard we have a whole line of the Deciduous trees that are all dying. I’m wondering if you know what caused these trees to fail and what we can plant in their place that will thrive.

Washington County Oregon

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For the cedars, it looks like they are experiencing drought stress from the last number of hot dry summers that we have had in the Northwest. They are also growing near the driveway with extra heat and limited space for their roots.

You might try to water them this year and wait to see what happens.

Here is a publication about helping your trees survive drought:

For the deciduous shrubs near the road, they look like they have never really thrived, probably due to poor compacted soil and planting method.

If you want to replant in the area, dig in compost to the soil before planting and prepare robust planting holes. Here is a publication that details how to plant a tree or shrub.
(Ignore the tree selection information here)

In terms of new trees for that area, consult with the street tree list for your area. For example, here is the City of Beaverton's street tree list:

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Thanks Weston,
A few years back we did have a tree company come out and take a look at the cedars and they indicated some sort of fungus or mold or ? was on them causing the branches to go bare. They offered to spray the trees at $1,000/year but said that would only prevent them from dying further and would not make them come back. Are you aware of this ailment? Unfortunately I no longer know the name. I want to be sure that whatever we plant there will not be affected by this cedar mold.


Without more information, it is hard to be sure to what situation the arborist wanted to manage. The site looks hot and dry and not like an area that would favor plant diseases.

Regardless, having several arborists look at the situation and provide quotes/bids for both treatment or removal/replacement would provide you with more information to make an informed decision and determine a path forward.