Plant ID

Asked March 22, 2020, 12:06 PM EDT

I have these starting to pop up in my yard. We live in a forest setting, on a few acres, lots of fir and oak trees, ferns, prairie grasses. Is this an invasive weed, or something that should be here? Bright yellow flower, multi stem, heart/oval leaves, clumping habit thanks! Dustin S. Corvallis, OR

Benton County Oregon

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Hello. This looks a lot like a non-native named Ranunculus ficaria with common names of Lesser Celandine and Fig Buttercup. I was able to find this info on the Oregon Flora Projects App called Oregon Wildflowers. As the center of the flower is not in focus and flower parts are not easily seen I am not 100% sure. It spreads through seed. I would consider it a noxious weed, take some time to check out this page from Oregon Department of Agriculture.