dead lawn

Asked March 22, 2020, 10:17 AM EDT

please help we layed a new lawn 3 years ago and up to this winter it has been fine but now i have no lawn at all except a few small tufts of grass we have noticed alot of worm mounds and we of course had a lot of rain when we moved into the house 3 years ago we took up crazy paving and the weed free fabric cloth stuff we were wondering if the ground had been treated with anything that is now affecting our lawn due to excessive rain friends of ours used left over turf from the same batch and it is fine
Thank you p charlwood

Outside United States

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It's hard to tell exactly the problem from the description, but if the problem lawn is growing in the same location you removed the paving from, it is possible the soil is heavily compacted and/or has very little topsoil (builders usually remove the original topsoil and lawns are put almost directly on poor, compacted subsoils. And if this was a high traffic area with paving, the soil is likely even more compacted, making it difficult for roots to penetrate and having little open structure for oxygen to reach the roots.
Once the weather permits, the lawn may be helped by having the area aerated and topdressed with several inches of good topsoil and compost. With a better growing area, it can them be reseeded. Given the challenging conditions, look for a seed mix that is good for dry conditions and has strong rooting tendencies, such as fescues (avoid Kentucky bluegrass which is high maintenance and fussy).
Good luck