Cleaning veggies NOW

Asked March 19, 2020, 2:08 PM EDT

Can I eat fresh veggies I buy at the grocery store during the Coronavirus pandemic? What is the best way to clean them and which veggies are best to get during the pandemic?

Livingston County Michigan food safety

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At this point, there is no evidence that food can transfer the virus - but of course behaviors such as not washing your hands, can transfer the virus. So, clean your hands and produce, and clean and sanitize all food contact surfaces (counter tops, cutting boards, knives, etc...). Eating fruits and vegetables is important to maintain a healthy diet, which can hopefully help fight any infections. I have not heard of any recommendations of certain produce to eat or avoid, but there are some produce coined the "dirty dozen", that have the highest amount of pesticides but the health benefits of eating them outweighs the risks.

Thank you for reaching out. Stay safe.

I realized I did not advise on how to clean, but it is recommended to just use water to clean. Prior to using, run under running water that is just slightly warmer than the produce. Let air dry or us a clean paper towel. It is not recommended to clean in advance as it may wash off some of the protective coating.

I rinsed with 3 parts water to one part white vinegar—-Had a bunch of curly kale brought by a friend—-Think I’ll steam the whole bunch and put it into soup.
Wanted baby kale but she didn’t understand. Oh, well!
Just water seems like it wouldn’t be as affective, but thanks for your response.

For greens, you can use a vinegar solution (1/2 cup vinegar to 1 cup water) followed by a plain water rinse - but just water should also be an effective method. Sounds like a good plan to add to soup. Thanks.