crabgrass control

Asked March 19, 2020, 12:22 PM EDT

I aerated and overseeded my tall fescue lawn in October. What is the best crabgrass control to use if I still expect continued germination from the seed I put down. I would like to apply it in March. Would starter fertilizer with weed control do the job.

Baltimore County Maryland

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With a fall as warm and late as we had last year, all see you put down in October should have germinated by now. If you didn't get good results, it may have been lack of water (we had a terrible drought) or not enough seed-soil contact.

At any rate, if you put down a starter fertilizer in the fall, you probably have enough phosphorus in the soil still and don't need more. If you didn't do a soil test first, however, do one now and follow recommendations. (Search 'soil testing' on our website to get information on how to go about that.)

The only crabgrass preemergent that doesn't impact turfgrass grermination is Tupersan, but as explained above, you shouldn't need that kind. If you are referring to broadleaf weed control, keep in mind that 2-4D can kill grass seedlings/young grass.

You were wise to seed in the fall, but early fall (even late August) gives the seedlings more time to mature before cold weather.

Here is our page on crabgrass control, with good links for specifics: