Coastal vegetable gardening and deer

Asked March 18, 2020, 4:13 PM EDT

Hi, We're thinking of a small vegetable garden this year in Oceanside. There's great Extension information on the pros and cons of various crops. I'm not sure that I'll be able to fence the deer out. Are there some crops that the deer won't bother? Or is it more or less the rule that if we're not going to fence the garden, it doesn't really pay. A fence has to be 5 feet or higher, right? Thanks!

Tillamook County Oregon

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Most deer can be dissuaded by a 6' fence with a strand of wire over it or a five footer they cannot see through. Many have had good luck with 2 4' fences 4' apart as the deer cannot jump into and out, so don't try. they get used to most scare devices unfortunately. The water scarecrow works pretty well, but can also cause problems if it hits plants. It is motion activated, so it is good to remember to turn it off if you want to work in the garden. Good luck