Asked March 18, 2020, 2:19 PM EDT

Hi, my soil has tested positive for Fusarium and Verticillium wilt so I have a hard time getting tomatoes that can be planted in my garden. I am getting ready to purchase seeds. Do all or most hybrids resist these or do they specifically say that they are resistant? Thank you

Charles County Maryland

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Yes, you will want to only grow tomato varieties that have resistant/tolerance to Verticillium and Fusarium. Fortunately, since it sounds like you are growing from seed, you have quite a few options. You might consider Galahad, Big Beef, Mountain Fresh Plus, BHN 589 (slicing tomato), or BHN 968 (cherry).

The Mid Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Recommendation Guide has charts with disease resistance of tomato varieties starting with slicing varieties on p. 395. See the link below to download the free PDF. Note that a lot of the other information in the guide (especially pesticides) is written for commercial producers and not for homeowners. Some seed company websites also have different disease resistance as search filters.

Happy gardening!