Need bug identification

Asked March 17, 2020, 4:59 PM EDT

I hope that you can identify the bug in the attachment and tell us how to rid them from our house. Thank you.

Cook County Illinois

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Although the picture is a little out of focus, I can say that this insect is most likely a specimen of the brown marmorated stink bug. It is a non-native invasive insect that has been slowly spreading across the eastern United States. Our native stinkbugs do not sneak into buildings to overwinter. Once inside the wall voids, attic spaces or other sheltered places, there is no good way to deal with them. Exclusion is the best tactic; the goal is to keep them from using your home again when next fall comes around. Check for foundation cracks, gaps in siding, poor condition screens or weatherstripping, loose boards or fascia, etc. and repair as needed.

Thank your for your prompt expert response. Yes, that is the bug that I have.
It was captured on the window near my wife's floor plants We also had carpenter ants in that area a few years ago. Please check the attachment. Would treating the plants or wood frame help get rid of the stink bugs?

When the brown marmorated stink bug is inside buildings, it is not interested in feeding on plants... they are just hanging out until spring, when they want to go back outside. Therefore, treating the plants should have no effect. Treating the window frames might kill a few, but it is probably not worth your personal exposure to the pesticide. Chemical treatments will only have a short-term effect, structural improvements will help eliminate the presence of the stink bug for years.