Landscape Addition Question

Asked March 16, 2020, 9:16 PM EDT

I have a south facing area in front of my Denver area house where I would like a showy flowering tree (single trunk or clump) or a flowering shrub. I am looking for some color that will show prominently against my off-white house. My soil is the usual alkaline Colorado clay. I will add some organic material to the planting hole and set up for auto watering from my lawn irrigation system. I want something that is disease resistant and easy to care for once established, i.e. doesn’t need frequent spraying, etc. I am constrained on size to prevent covering important architectural features of the house. Maximum size must be contained to no larger than 10.5’ height and no larger than 6' to 8' width. I am currently considering either a Clump Saucer Magnolia or a Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea. Is one of these a good choice or if not, do you have other ideas? Thank you, Richard Paige

Douglas County Colorado

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The 2 shrubs that you mentioned would work however may need protection from very cold temperatures. I believe that the Hydrangea may be more cold hardy. Both will need moderate moisture.
You may want to consider a native plant that will need less moisture and attract native pollinators as well. Some options may be a Mountain NineBark or Western Serviceberry.
Here is an information sheet