Choosing fruit trees and berry bushes for Northern Nevada

Asked March 16, 2020, 6:55 PM EDT

I am in Humboldt County and am wondering where to find good guidance on specific varieties of fruit trees and berries that do well in my climate? We don’t really have “experts” at out small grocery store or ranch store nurseries and I have found their advice to be poor at times. I don’t want to invest in plants that won’t produce well. Any guidance or resources or lists would be much appreciated. Thank you, Heather

Humboldt County Nevada

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Hello Heather,
Thank you for your message I am going to put a list of information sheet links in this answer and then some other contacts to help you further.
You live in a cold environment with harsh winter winds. Many of the keys to success will be selection, moisture management, and soil amendments. You can also work with microclimates around your home to manipulate your environment and try different varieties that might not be deemed appropriate for your zone.
Also, if you email me at I can email you a pdf of past powerpoints I have taught on the subject that will provide you with further information. Plus, I can get you fact sheets that are no longer available on our website because of delays.
When you email me, let me know what kind of fruit you are specifically looking for and I can customize the information.