Grass reseeding

Asked March 16, 2020, 3:31 PM EDT

This is a 2 part question. Last fall I had a large tree stump removed. I have an area about 4 by 6 feet to reseed. I did dormant seeding just before snowfall. I used some leftover shady grass seed (Schultz Brand). question #1 I'm sure I'll need more seed for the area. Should I do it now or wait until it's warmer and see the new grass? question#2 The area gets full sun, is it OK to use shady seed in full sun? the rest of my yard is partial sun to mostly shade. That is why I had shady seed on hand. Thanks

Ramsey County Minnesota

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For your first question, you might want to wait until late August, which is the preferred time for seeding turf. Plus, whatever survives will be established by then. Overseeding a newly planted seedbed risks disturbing the new seedlings.

As for whether the shady mix will survive in full sun, it may not do well. The mix you used does not have any Kentucky blue grass in it. It does have some creeping red fescue in it which is somewhat tolerant of full sun. You might get your new lawn through the summer if keep it watered in hot, dry weather. If you overseed in the fall, you should use a sun mix.