Emerald ash bore

Asked March 15, 2020, 2:21 PM EDT

We have been treating an autumn purple ash since the outbreak. Our tree is beautiful. We initially did it ourselves, but for the last 5 years a professional tree service has done it. $285 a year. Should we continue to treat the tree? We appreciate your advice. Lou and Debbie Blessing

Genesee County Michigan

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Autumn purple ash, a native white ash, is very susceptible to emerald ash borer attack. Typically the tree dies within 3-5 years after infestation. Treatments such as your tree is receiving are the only reliable method of protection. There are different types of treatment available however, such as a yearly soil drench or trunk injections, a single injection that is touted to be effective for multiple years. Treatment cost can be expensive yes, but it would be at high risk to abandon it. Best recommendation is to contact a Certified Arborist, one who specializes in everything woody. You can find one or more Certified Arborists in your zip code at www.treesaregood.org Click on Find an Arborist. Arborist evaluations are not expensive and most will not only be well experienced with ash/borer treatments, but also current on the latest treatment methods. Here is a fairly recent extensive report on the subject: https://www.canr.msu.edu/smitleylab/research/publications/multiyear%20protection%20of%20ash%20trees%20from%20eab%20with%20single%20trunk%20injection.pdf

Good luck!