Geraniums and the cold.

Asked March 13, 2020, 9:31 PM EDT

What would be the lowest temperature that my geraniums could tolerate without freezing to death? Thank you, Duane Clark

Lane County Oregon

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A standard geranium doesn't like being in temps under 45-50 degrees.... it won't actually kill them to be in such temps, but they will stop growing and the leaves will take on a reddish hue if they have gotten too cold. and they will 'pout' for a good long time after, too. It takes them quite a while to 'get over it' and start growing again. Potted ones can be overwintered in our area in a trench filled with leaves or soil. Fragrant geraniums are generally very intolerant of temps below 40 and will usually die. Hardy geraniums can survive 20 degrees. They die back, but then revive again.