recovering from pesticide application last summer

Asked March 13, 2020, 3:23 PM EDT

Dear Master Gardnening experts, The person living in the duplex below me sprayed Roundup on a patch (4ft x ft )of grassy area near our shared driveway (unfortunately!!!) . This was last August. I see that still the plants are not returning well - mostly grasses, some flowers, and strawberries - and the life that is returninig is yellow-ish brown and sickly looking.
The area does not receive very much sun, but yes quite a bit of the rain.

Questions: 1. How long does it take for this chemical to cycle out?
2. Is this area unsafe for pets/kids?
3. When could I plant something there again (a groundover likely)?

Thank you!

Multnomah County Oregon

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Thank you for your question to Ask an Expert.

The herbicide seems to be working to kill the vegetation in the area.

Since the application was last summer and you are well past the re-entry period of the product (until it dries), it is safe for your kids and pets.

Yes, you can replant the area. A durable ground cover seems like a good choice.

Good luck,