Moss in flower beds

Asked March 12, 2020, 6:45 PM EDT

We have an abundance of moss in our landscape area. My husband sprayed it but it is still alive. Now he decided to hoe it all up-it’s like sod. He thinks we should just leave it on the ground and it will dry up and die. I think we should rake it up and get rid of it. Any advice?

Marion County Oregon moss

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Moss will regrow no matter what you do if the conditions are favorable for it. I don't find research supporting either side on the question of removal after raking.
To fight moss, increase sunlight and airflow in the area. Some people find regularly adding new organic mulch, like arborist chips, keeps an area around shrubs looking fresh and relatively moss-free.
Here are a couple of resources about moss in the PNW.
Pacific Northwest Pest Management Handbook; Algae, Lichens, and Mosses: