green space not lawn

Asked March 12, 2020, 3:27 PM EDT

I need advice on planning 1/2 my front lawn in green space( grasses not too high and native plants. How do I control the grass lawn and give the new plants time to grow? Do I need mulch? Suggestions for low plants that are deer resistant. I have planted Junipers in front of my house. I could line the sidewalk with low growing junipers as well.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Hello. There are several great resources available to help guide you in a project like this. For starters, take a look at this piece about Conservation Landscaping Techniques, which outlines a basic process for planning and designing a garden that incorporates native plants,

There are several options for removing turfgrass and creating a planting area,

There are a variety of low-growing Junipers available. It is essential that they have a location with well-draining soil; they do not like areas that tend to stay wet. They like full sun as well.

This page has recommended native and ornamental grasses,

And here are some deer-resistant native plant options for sun or shade,

You can find sources for native plants and plant sales listed at the Maryland Native Plant Society website,

After you install plants, yes, you can put a light layer of mulch (~2") around them to help control weeds while the plants get established an fill in.