Japanese Apricot (prunus mume) pollination

Asked March 10, 2020, 5:04 PM EDT

Hi, I recently planted a Japanese Apricot in my yard, the variety is Bungo or Bongo depending on who you ask. I want to ensure pollination but given the limited space, would rather plant a hand fruit. Would another type of fruit, like a plum, apricot, plumcot, etc. be a good candidate for pollination?

Multnomah County Oregon

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Unfortunately, the news is discouraging. Apricot seldom fruits in our region because it blooms so early in the season that the blooms freeze instead of setting fruit.

Then, too, the pollinator tree must be in the same genus, in other words, another apricot.

This publication should help you decide what other fruit you might consider growing instead of the apricot:
We generally suggest you not try to grow trees whose fruits are commonly available in the supermarket. In general, those trees are grown in climate much drier and warmer than western Oregon. Hereabouts, they tend to have numerous disease problems.

And this publication will help you give your new fruit trees a good start:

Good luck.

Here's more informaation, and it's more encouraging than what I previously sentt.

After a bit of research, I found that 'Bungo' isn't an apricot after all.

It's described in one online catalog as “This famous and revered variety is found in gardens throughout Japan. Spectacular in bloom, it is covered with profuse, light pink, fragrant flowers. This flower display is followed by abundant, apricot-size, light green fruit."

Further, even though 'Bungo' is self-fruitful, the suggested pollinator tree is 'Kango Kai' which is described this way: "A popular Japanese variety, Kanko Bai is described as a "Japanese Pickling Plum is prized for its abundant, beautiful, fuchsia-red blooms, red tinted foliage, and large, orange-red fruit that looks like a small apricot. Kanko Bai Japanese Pickling Plum fruit is particularly good for preserving and pickling."

If you purchased 'Bungo' in Portland, OR, at a nearby garden center that specializes in unusual fruits, Check back with them as they may have 'Kanko Bai' in stock.