Strange behavior

Asked March 8, 2020, 3:19 PM EDT

Yesterday, I cut down a dead ash tree. Today I notice at least 100 honeybees cavorting in the sawdust. they roll around and wallow around in it. They don't seem to be carrying it off or anything, just exhibiting this behavior. Why?

Pickaway County Ohio

3 Responses

Honey bees will often visit various pollen-like dusts including bird seed, sawdust and bagged construction (masonry) materials in late winter/early spring, before many pollen sources are available.

Obviously, your real job must be as a politician, because your answer as to why the honey bees exhibited this behavior was a non answer. The fact that they exhibit the behavior was the statement in the question. To reiterate that was not enlightening at all. If you're not a politician, perhaps you might consider it. LOL!

They think it may be food. Is that clear?