Fig stem ends dead, dried up

Asked March 6, 2020, 9:34 PM EST

We have a few fig plants that have been in current location less than one year. Pretty good full day sun, in amended clay soil. This year the very tips on most of the trees are necrotic, dried up and break off leaving a white, dead-looking stem interior. Also they (even the healthy stems) seem to have become bulbous about four inches from the ends. This has been a dry year and we have not watered over the winter. Lower parts of plants look good and have buds that will probably produce fruit. Fruit last year was very dry and not very palatable.

Lane County Oregon

1 Response

Not sure why the terminal bud has died back. Could be an issue with the weather such as a frost or cold temps during the winter. If the rest of the shoot is in good shape then there is nothing to worry about. The plant may get bushy rather than tall at first. You can cut into the shoot to see where the green tissue is relative to the dead tissue on top. Should be just under that terminal bud.