Jerusalem artichoke

Asked March 6, 2020, 10:23 AM EST

I would like to grow Jerusalem artichoke. I read the article from your newsletter. I wondered if there was a difference in taste, growing in Michigan etc between the different colors? Also where do I purchase the tubers in Michigan to grow them?

Wayne County Michigan

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There are numerous cultivars and colors and there could be subtle taste differences between them. Although, in general, the taste of Jerusalem artichoke is similar to water chestnut. It has also been suggested that if you are choosing a cultivar to consider if the skin is edible/tasty and their general shape. If most tubers of one cultivar are described as smooth and with minimal knobs, they may trap less dirt and be easier to clean.

As far as finding tubers to purchase, one option is to see what local farms are selling at markets or in stores and use these as propagation material. Generally, they may be sold around fall or winter. That way, you know the specific cultivar does well in Michigan. Another option is to look through various plant or seed catalogs. Usually, they will have descriptions for the different cultivars. Some local nurseries or garden centers in Wayne County may also have tubers or plants for sale. I would suggest giving some of these places a call to see if they will be selling some this season. Finally, there are also many options online like Oikos Tree Crops in Michigan or Johnnys Seeds (only two of many).