Do you know what this insect is?

Asked March 5, 2020, 7:33 PM EST

I found these on a rose plant. They are about the size of the little white seeds you find in a watermelon. They are hard bodied not soft bodied. I’ve never seen them before!

Douglas County Nevada

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Good Morning!
first thoughts are a type of scaling. grab your gloves, some horticultural/dormant oil and an old toothbrush. prune off any heavily infested stems, otherwise, lightly scrape, wash off all scaling on each branch and under leaves with water. follow directions for dormant oil to treat after cleaning.
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Sandy and Cliff

I apologize for the 2nd reply on your question. You are based in Douglas County which is the area which I cover for ask an expert and I am very familiar with what is on your rosebush.
What you are seen is Katydid eggs and they are a very common cricket or commonly called a grasshopper in our area. There is no need to prune out the area or spray the plant with oils unless you wish to. The eggs can easily be scraped off and then disposed of. I have attached a link to a wis consen information sheet on katydid from UC Davis. For more information or any other questions please let me know.
Wendy Hanson Mazet, Extension Plant Diagnostician,