Asked March 5, 2020, 6:57 PM EST

My fairly large vegetable garden is over run with mt sorrel and I've found no long lasting way of eradicating, methods used in past has been everything from herbicide killers (which i no longer wish to use) to the most effective which is look for all the small long tendrils when i till the garden and remove by hand but this is only a temporary fix and hardly a real solution as i remove only a small amount --i eat a small amount of the sorrel but it is quite a problem -any suggestions would be appreciated

Frederick County Maryland

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Because of its rhizomes, this is a hard one to remove by hand. Even if you kill it, you will get seedlings coming up, too.

That said, one way to get it under control would be to get some large tarps and kill it by shading it out. As warm as it is this year, you can start now. Move them around as it dies. Then plant.

During the growing season, hand dig or use landscape fabric as much as you can. An inexpensive and effective method is using cardboard or several layers of newspaper. It allows no sun through and eventually breaks down organically. The cardboard will last quite a while. Newspaper lasts one growing season.

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