Grassy weeds between patio bricks and gravel

Asked March 5, 2020, 6:26 PM EST

I had been using Roundup every season to get rid of small clumps of grass between bricks on my patio and in my pebble driveway. My next door neighbor has a new sheltie and thinks that her former sheltie that died could have been affected by the Roundup they used on their property. She use to shake at the end of her life. We share a driveway and we are good friends and I told her I would not use Roundup anymore. I have hand weeded in the driveway but it is hard between the bricks. Do you have any suggestions that would kill these small clumps that would not be toxic to the dog?

Anne Arundel County Maryland

1 Response

It is highly unlikely that glyphosate had any connection to your neighbor's dog if applied properly.

You could get a weed-burner and get an organic product (there are several on the market but we can not recommend a specific one.)

Here is our page on weeds:

You can scroll down to try to identify the kind of weed that is your problem. It will give tips on each species.
There is also a chemical management link for weed categories.