Asked March 5, 2020, 4:16 PM EST

2 years ago some moss started to form in my back yard. I used a product called MossOut that helped temporarily. The moss has returned and is spreading to other parts of our yard.

Can you recommend a way to eliminate the moss?

Oakland County Michigan

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This reply to another client in Michigan explains—

“Moss can be removed by hand raking or by using chemicals, but if you don’t correct the underlying conditions that make it possible for moss to grow, the moss will return.

Moss is more likely when some combination of the following conditions exist; dense shade, acidic soil, poor drainage, compacted soil, excessive irrigation and low fertility. Only when you correct these problems can you permanently eliminate the moss. The following website will give you information about the conditions necessary for moss to exist in a lawn and how to correct them.

Only if the pH is too low should you add the lime that is suggested in the above website. “

The following website will give you information about how to get a soil test—

Testing your soil first, before you invest in any amendments is a good idea. Here in Oakland County the most common issues that allow moss to grow are compacted soil, low fertility and high moisture. I hope this is helpful. Thank you for using our service.