Seedlings not getting bigger.

Asked March 5, 2020, 11:18 AM EST

I started my tomato seedlings in a bigger woven bag, these bags can be directly transplanted into the ground. I didnt start with the smaller ones figuring then I wouldn't need to transplant to bigger ones. They all have light 14 hrs a day, heat mats, I'm growing under my house. Could the bigger bags be why they arent growing? Or should I use a fish emulsion first to see if that's the problem

Hood River County Oregon

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In answer to your questions, you should use fish emulsion first because the lack of fertilizer is what's wrong. Your seedlings are starving.

At the same time, stop using heat mats and increase the light level. (I assume you're using artificial light.) The latter can be accomplished by either lowering the lights, or by raising the pots. Your goal is to have the lights within 2 inches of the tops of the plants.

I don't know if you've used these non-woven fabric pots previously. If not, be certain to either cut off the excess pot above the soil line, or tuck it in, when you transplant to the garden or larger pots.. If any part of the pot remains above ground, it will wick water away from the roots.