when to unwrap a tree

Asked March 4, 2020, 2:00 PM EST

I have a young linden tree in my yard, maybe 3 years old. I wrapped the trunk for the winter. When is the best time of year to unwrap the tree, or should I keep it wrapped?

Larimer County Colorado

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Good for you, you did the right thing for your linden tree. Tree wrap is used to protect young, thin-barked trees during the winter months. Young trees up to about 3 years old need to be wrapped in the winter, until their young bark hardens off sufficiently. Wrapping trees helps protect against sunscald and frost cracks, both of which are temperature related. Not all trees need to be wrapped. Species such as linden, maple, ginkgo, crabapple and redbud will benefit from tree wrap. Trees with thick, corky bark, like bur oak, do not need to be wrapped. Where I used to work in landscape maintenance we had a saying about tree wrap: "on with the Thanksgiving turkey, off with the Easter ham". As you know, wrapping is only a seasonal treatment, and should be removed in the spring, when the danger of extreme temperature drops after a warming period, has passed. Depending upon weather reports and which you can remember better, take the wrap off about Easter time, or tax day. Leaving tree wrap on too long can result in diseases or insects 'snuggling up' beneath the wrap and being undetected by you, the tree owner. Thank you for your question, and for caring about and taking good care of your trees !