Rainer Cherry Tree and Jasmine

Asked March 2, 2020, 10:52 PM EST

Hi. I live in Corvallis and I want to plant a cherry tree and a jasmine plant and I was wondering if you could tell me the best variety or recommendation/place to get the trees. My favorite cherry is the Rainer. My neighbor has a cherry tree, but I am not sure what the variety is--it is a red cherry--in case that helps with questions of pollination. Specifically, I would like to know where I could get a Rainer tree. I see that there are dwarf kinds and regular kinds and I don't really know what to get. Additionally, I love the smell of jasmine and would like to plant some. Could you direct me to the best variety. I see that there are climbing ones and bush jasmines. I have places where a climbing tree could work, as well as a place in my garden to plant a bush. I am looking for the ideal variety in terms of fragrance. (I want the most fragrant-but also the ideal variety to grow in our area). And if you know the best place to purchase, I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

Benton County Oregon

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Thank you for your questions. Let us divide them into cherries and jasmine. First, as to both, OSU can neither recommend nor endorse commercial outlets for plants (or much else). The Internet and local garden stores offer a myriad of sources for them. As to the ‘best’ variety, I am uncertain whether you want your variety to be compatible with your neighbor’s tree, or whether you have another goal. Before you start an orchard, you might want to read this: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/ec819/html As for varieties, here is a WSU article with ideas: http://treefruit.wsu.edu/web-article/cherry-varieties/ Second, as to jasmine: the jasmine species planted on the OSU campus which probably meets your needs is the one described here: https://landscapeplants.oregonstate.edu/plants/trachelospermum-jasminoides Hope this is helpful. Good luck!