Oval shaped, rubbery, look like rocks

Asked March 2, 2020, 5:07 PM EST

I found three round/oval shaped balls in my garden, touched with my shoe, feel rubbery. Look like rocks, dirty looking. Very strange. Never saw anything like these before. Put garden glove in photo so you could see the size. Thank you for any help and what I should do with them.

Wayne County Michigan

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Yes, very interesting! This appears to be a fungus of some type. Many fungi are circular in shape and grow quite large.

When I magnify the picture there appears to be a thin fabric over the surface, such as old gauze, cheescloth, or burlap. The fungi may be growing beneath this covering and pushing it up.

We can not identify specific fungi. If you want to take this further, you can contact your local Mushroom club or the Midwest Mycology Organization at


While they do not ID from pictures, they may have an expert in your neighborhood who could give you additional information.

This MSU Extension article explains the importance of proper mushroom identification:


If you want to remove them, using gloves and a shovel, dig out and place in the trash or bury. If you are sensitive to dust or mold, you may want to wear a dust mask, as well. Or allow it to disintegrate on its own. When drier conditions prevail, mushrooms will stop appearing.

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