Greenbrier vine disposal after cut down

Asked March 2, 2020, 3:24 PM EST

I am in the process of eradicating Greenbrier vine from my wooded property. What is the recommended disposal of these cut vines? Can they be left on the floor of the wooded area to decompose or would it be better to burn them?

Worcester County Maryland

1 Response

Letting the cut stems or roots dry out before composting should be safe to avoid re-sprouting. Similarly, if your county picks up yard waste for recycling, you could bag it and let it dry a week before pick-up; by the time it reaches their compost piles, it will probably be inert. Burning is risky in case there are other species accidentally included in the pile, such as poison ivy. According to MD Biodiversity's webpage, all Smilax (Greenbrier) occurring in MD are native; some are even rare. Therefore, some re-sprouting in the woods would not be the worst thing, though perhaps inconvenient if the populations reinfest the yard.