Herbicide for blackberry

Asked March 2, 2020, 3:17 PM EST

I’m converting land into space for crops. Area has blackberries. Which herbicide is the best for eradicating blackberries? Crossbow etc?

Clackamas County Oregon

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Crossbow effectively kills blackberries, but is not labeled for garden plot preparation.

Look for products with the active ingredient Glyphosate (like the product Roundup) which are often labeled for garden plot preparation. There should be a time frame on the label indicating when you can plant crops.

Glyphosate works best when it is warm (above 60 F) and it might take several rounds of treatment to successfully kill the blackberry.

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I thought crossbow or another 2,4, D like product was for what I’m trying to do ?. This is about 1/2 -1 acres. Converting to farmland to grow crops.
You think round up is better?

There are likely products with 2,4-D that are labeled for for crop plot preparation. Look for that phrase on the label of whatever product you choose. Crossbow is not labeled as such.