plants that tolerate acidic soil

Asked March 2, 2020, 10:21 AM EST

I have 2 small (8 ft) young evergreen trees on my north/west side of my house. I want to plant native plants that will tolerate that soil especially as they grow. Can you suggest some plants? I only want plants and grass. This area can be dry or wet.....hose is close by. Thanks

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Is the soil in the area you have described acidic? If you aren't sure, we recommend sending soil samples to the University of Minnesota Soil Testing Laboratory. Go here to learn how to take samples and where to take or send them for testing:

Based upon the soil test results, you can choose plants adapted to the existing soil conditions. If the soil isn't acidic, the evergreens will not make it so. Learn more here:

In any case, soil pH is seldom the sole or primary factor. The amount of sun and soil moisture at the site are important considerations when selecting plants to grow there.
Generally speaking, native plants do not need supplemental water and fertilizer.

Go here to learn about native plants and grasses that may be suitable for your purpose: