Blue Spruce

Asked March 2, 2020, 1:07 AM EST

Last year I hired Corrin Landscaping to plant trees in my yard. One of which was a blue spruce that has since died. He is going to replace the tree next month but said he can’t get me another blue spruce because they have something wrong with them and in order to prevent the spread of this problem can not be transported. The landscaper offered to replace my blue spruce with a Green Giant. Can you please tell me if you have heard of a problem with spruce trees (In DE, PA, NJ, or MD) that would prevent my landscaper from replacing my blue spruce? I am concerned he is not being honest and is just looking to replace my tree with a less expensive Substitute.

New Castle County Delaware

1 Response

To my knowledge, there is nothing new that is infecting Colorado blue spruce. This article from U of MD talks about 2 common fungal diseases of blue spruce and suggests alternatives if a tree has died from that fungus in a location. If your tree died from another cause, a new blue spruce in that location is more or less likely to get one of the fungal diseases.

That said, here is another article from PA suggesting Colorado blue spruce is not well adapted to the mid-Atlantic and suggesting replacement with another species.

The bottom line is he shouldn't have sold you a blue spruce in the first place. There is no new problem associated with this tree.