Serviceberry tree

Asked February 29, 2020, 9:19 AM EST

Something is breaking and eating the small branches of our newly planted (fall of 2019) Serviceberry tree. Deer don’t have access to my suburban yard. What else might be doing this damage?

Ottawa County Michigan

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Would it be possible to get some pictures of the damage? How high is the damage from the ground? Can you describe the end of the branch where it was cut off (e.g. cut clean at an angle, torn/shredded, etc.) What are the length and diameter of severed branches? We should be able to narrow it down. I hope to hear from you soon,

Here are two pictures. They look like clean breaks.

This looks like rabbit damage, a clean angled cut. It would be best to trim the damaged branches these back to a main stem. The rabbits can reach up when on their hind legs. An 18" chicken wire fence secured to the ground and placed to keep the branches out of reach should work.
I hope this helps,

Thank you. I’ll do that tomorrow. I appreciate the help.

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