Kind of tree and what kind of bug

Asked February 28, 2020, 5:57 PM EST

I have this tree on my property that seems to be struggling. We bought the property a year ago in junction city Oregon. The tree almost died last year. Looked at it yesterday and it is infected again. A friend suggested that you may be able to help id tree and let me know what bug im dealing with. Any help would be great!

Lane County Oregon

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It's hard to be 100% positive without flowers but this looks like a laurel. Do the photos on either of theses page look like your plant?

If not, let's wait on an ID until the flower buds open later this spring. You can resubmit photos as a reply and we'll get notification to take another look.

About the issue with the foliage: There are a few things going. The plant looks very stressed and there is less foliage than I would expect on a tree of this size (very thin canopy). I also see some dieback and looks like damage to one of the main trunks? I'd be interested also to see how deep it was planted. Hard to tell from the photos but it might be too deep.
In general this plant looks stressed. We've been seeing this with many of our landscape trees due to a few harsh summers (very hot and drought conditions). Do you know if this tree received summer irrigation?
There are also some leaf spots that look fungal (with the rings inside the brown spots and areas where the leaf tissue has fallen out). These spots are likely a secondary issue to main problem of plant stress.

At this point it may be hard for the plant to make a full recovery. You may want to consider replacing with another shrub that is better suited to the location. I'm happy to help with a list of alternatives if you can provide more information on the growing location (how much sunlight, what is your goal privacy, windbreak, etc., are you able to irrigate, etc.) If you prefer to speak with some in person, try the OSU Extension Lane County Master Gardeners.

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