Crab Grass

Asked February 27, 2020, 6:08 PM EST

Large problem with crabgrass last year despite applying a pre-emergent and also a spray on later. I live in Prineville and I am wondering for this year (2020) with the impending early spring, when would be the best to apply the granular. If I need the soil temp up to 50-55 degrees, at what depth would I need to measure that?

Crook County Oregon

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HI, I would think just a couple of inches deep in the soil would be the best. I am attaching a link to a presentation on crab grass, bermuda grass, and nutsedge that you might find interesting. Crab grass is an annual and is growing from seed every year.

Following are some more resources:

“Crabgrass” (University of California) -

“Maintaining a Healthy Lawn”

Hope these resources are helpful.

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