Abandon eggs

Asked February 26, 2020, 12:50 PM EST

So my polish and cochin went broody around the same time, didnt count on my polish staying the whole time so I didn’t keep track of how long she had been on them. Meanwhile my cochin is sitting like the good little sitter she is and hatches out 5 of 9.. gets up 2 days later there’s still 4 that aren't out yet.. so I put them under my polish who is still sitting on her how ever old egg, (there growing I candled them twice) the 4 hatch the next day. She gets up 3 days later.. now her original 2 eggs are cold.. (mean, meanwhile i have 4 in the incubator in the house. 2 weeks in..) so I put mommas 2 eggs in with my 4!! I candled them when they were cold, still movement! Responded to my “peep”, and they almost take up the whole egg.. what should I do now?? I don’t really have room in my incubator to hatch and incubate at the same time. And what do I do about humidity and temp and the auto turner and HELP!!!! I’m new at all this!

Nottoway County Virginia

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You really do need separate incubators if they are on different incubation schedules. Eggs that are ready to hatch should not be turned. Turning is usually stopped at day 18. Humidity is also increased as little for hatch. We have had chicks hatch in turners when the person forgot the eggs were being incubated and didn’t transfer to Hatcher. So it is possible, if you leave all the eggs together. You just have to wait and see what happens.


Thank you!!