Asked February 26, 2020, 11:24 AM EST

When is the best time of year in Minnesota to trim or prune Maple Trees. I've heard it's late February into March. Your advice please. Thank You

Washington County Minnesota

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Hello. I'm glad you've turned to AaEx.

Generally, it's best to try to prune a tree when they're dormant to avoid the possibility of disease transmission by insects. But in the case of maples, birch, and other trees with free-flowing sap, we recommend waiting until the leaves have fully expanded in late spring or early summer. If you need to prune now, it won't harm a healthy tree but the sap that flows down the trunk may look alarming. Also we recommend not removing more than a quarter of the foliage in any given year.

Here is a link to the U of MN Extension web page on pruning trees and shrubs that may be of interest:

I hope this information helps.