Pasture planting

Asked February 25, 2020, 2:43 PM EST

Hello there, We are about 1500 feetelevation, just east of Sandy. We are converting a tree nursery into a field. We will have mostly cattle but also horses on it. It will total about 15 acres. We have had the soil tested and it needs about 1 to 2 tons of lime per acre which we are having put down soon. I am reaching out to see if you have a grass seed recommendation balancing price and quality. Also do you have any company recommendations to purchase. Willing to travel.

Clackamas County Oregon

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Here are some resources from OSU on pastures and forages:
This is a very detailed publication on pasture and grazing management in the PNW.

The NRCS has a Specification Guide Sheet for Pasture and Hay Planting. Page 4. has seeding rate charts:

The NRCS also has a Cover Crop Resources and Seed Vendors for Oregon and Washington:

Please follow up with further questions. Thanks