Skunks digging holes in yard

Asked February 25, 2020, 2:17 PM EST

Hello. I live in Canton, MI & have been bothered (along with my neighbors) with skunks digging holes in my yard for a few yrs now. We have applied MILKY SPORE for the grubs for the last 2 yrs but only 3-4 applications. I didn't realize it was supposed to be 3 applications per year-not 2. We've already noticed holes in the backyard & the neighbor came over to tell me skunks have been spotted in the evening. I'm hoping you can recommend a sure fire way of eliminating the problems. My property backs up to a drainage creek with ducks & my soil is basically clay. Thank you for any response. You guys are AWESOME!

Wayne County Michigan

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Thanks for contacting us! Skunks are omnivorous. They do eat grubs, but also eat earthworms, grass, nuts, small rodents, berries et al. The grubs they eat are not all the same and milky spore primarily targets Japanese beetles. Milky spore may be ineffective on other lawn grubs and may not take hold, depending on soil moisture and soil temperatures. Moles also eat earthworms, grubs, and insects as well as other things. Check to see if you actually have grubs (see second link below). If you do, you can treat with the appropriate grub killers at the appropriate time. If your grub numbers are low and you don't have significant grub damage to your lawn, you can try a castor oil type product to deter these hungry stinkers. Check out the following links for more detail:
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