Tomatoes with raspberries

Asked February 22, 2020, 12:11 PM EST

I have two raised beds for planting. I have raspberries planted in one bed and I had tomatoes last year in the other bed. I would like to plant tomatoes again this year in the same bed. My raspberries are new first year for them. The space between the beds is about 3 ft. Can a disease get on my raspberries at this distance between the two separate raised beds, from my tomatoes?

Shasta County California

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Thank you for your question. I am assuming that you observed no diseases last year, that you fear will persist this season, and that the soil in both beds is healthy. A greater risk to your plants than diseases "jumping" beds, is that the insects and diseases that were in the soil last year will cause problems for the tomatoes. That is the science upon which crop rotation is based, whether home gardeners or commercial growers. Here is a brief Extension article on the topic:

Here is a more complex article, especially for tomatoes:

Another way you can protect your plants is to wash all garden tools after using them in one bed, before using them in another bed. Ditto pruning shears. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!

I heard planting tomatoes near raspberries can transmit disease to my raspberries?

The only pathogenic issues I was able to find is in this article, which warns against planting raspberries where tomatoes have been planted recently (paragraph 2):