What are the "best selling" plants for a spring Plant Sale for a non-profit?

Asked February 18, 2020, 2:28 PM EST

Dear Master Gardener; It's that time of year again and I am getting ready to start plants and herbs from seed. Last year I planted six herbs, three varieties of tomatoes, and three varieties of hot peppers. We, a non-profit, have an annual Plant Sale and not everything that I produced sold. This year I would like your advice for plants, herbs, and flowers/ornamentals which I can plant from seed (repot to a 2"/4"/6"/8" as needed by growth and time) in my basement using my four large LED grow lights and the standard start with the black 72 unit trays. Four questions - please give me several options if possible: What is/are the most popular and Minnesota (looks like we're Zone 4) friendly tomatoes to plant? What is/are the most popular Sweet or Mild to Hot Minnesota friendly peppers? What is/are the most popular herb friendly to Minnesota? What flowers or ornamental plants are Minnesota friendly? Thank you for you time and for sharing your talent with me! Susan Reid zebrahoofbeat@gmail.com 763-607-0231

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Those who coordinate the annual Hennepin County Master Gardener plant sales will be able to answer your question. Please direct your question to them.

Terry Straub
Hennepin County Master Gardener Program Coordinator

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