Hoop House for Propagating Native Plants in a Michigan National Park

Asked February 18, 2020, 1:47 PM EST

Greetings. My name is Susan P and I am writing to inquire about hoop house funding sources (grants, not loans) for the purchase of a hoop house by a non-profit, 501(c)(3) Friends group for donation to a Michigan national park. The purpose of the donation of the hoop house would be to propagate species native to the Park as the Park undertakes remediation and replacement activities to return native plants to the Park, and hence, return native bird and wildlife populations to the Park. The propagation activities in the hoop house would be undertaken by a Park botanist. The hoop house is expected to cost $15,000. Could you suggest any grant funding sources? Thank you for your time and experience. Susan P

Leelanau County Michigan

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Hi there,

Thanks for the question. This sounds like a really cool project. I'm wondering if the USDA NRCS office in T.C. would be worth contacting? I thought at one point they were subsidizing hoop houses or had a cost share program that may offer some assistance? Phone: 231/941-0951

You may also try contacting: Nate Walton, MSU Home Horticulturalist. waltonn2@msu.edu

There may also be smaller amount of funding from other entities:

Grant Contact

WAM Grants Coordinator

Other Grant Sources:

Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Fund gives small monetary grants for natural landscaping using native plants. Contact the Wild Ones National Office for more information:

Wild Ones

Rob. Thank you so much.. Your reply greatly exceeded expectations. I am grateful for the leads that you have researched and shared. The funding sources that I found for hoop houses focused solely on food production. I will follow up as suggested. I so appreciate your effort on this response. Susan P