Snow Pollution for Science Experiment

Asked February 18, 2020, 11:56 AM EST

Hello! My name is Holly Willson. For a school science experiment, my son wants to test the pollution in Michigan snow. In one day, he collected snow from Detroit, West Branch, Mackinac City, and Sault Sainte Maire. He would now like to send the melted snow to a lab to be tested, or he would like to know what type of kit he could buy that would give him the best results for testing pollution. Many people have referred us to M.S.U. Is there anyone who would be able to help us? Thank you! Holly Willson

Wayne County Michigan

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February 18, 2020

What a terrific science project. We would recommend that you contact your local health department's environmental services. Here's a link to the entire state so you can select the appropriate health department near you.,5885,7-339--96747--,00.html

There are so many different things to test for -- this could get a little tricky. Wishing your son all the best in his project.