Native Understory Shrubs

Asked February 18, 2020, 9:40 AM EST

Our property is full of shrub Japanese honeysuckle as an understory plant. The birds, doves and cardinals in particular (large enough to see), use it as perch near feeders. Is there a native that could be planted to fill that niche? My neighbor has honeybees, and I'm concerned about using Mountain Laurel or a relative that might affect honey production. I've heard that MT nectar is not good for honey. Thanks.

Frederick County Maryland

2 Responses

Here is a link regarding plants that produce nectar that is poisonous to honeybees and humans

Take a look at the Plant invaders website for alternatives for the bush honeysuckle.

Take a look at the Audobon website for a listing of native shrubs that are attractive to birds. Type in your zipcode and add the filters

See our page on attracting wildlife and scroll down to birds for more selections


The above link on attracting wildlife includes providing food for bees.