fruit tree pest management

Asked February 17, 2020, 10:14 AM EST

We have 2 small apple trees in our backyard, I am looking for a simple schedule for fruit tree pest management, additionally I am not sure the best way to apply a dormant spray

Lane County Oregon

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Most homeowners use a backpack or hand held pump sprayer for applying dormant sprays. You need to read the label of the product you are using and follow the directions for use. Wear any recommended protective equipment (e.g. gloves, goggles, etc.), and follow the label directions for mixing and applying the product. Once the product is mixed, fill the sprayer, and start spraying the tree from top to bottom, moving around the tree as you go to ensure good coverage. Be sure to thoroughly coat the tree and spray any cracks or crevices in the bark. Dormant sprays need to be applied when temperatures are above freezing (between 35-45 degrees F is ideal) at the time of application and for at least a 24 hour period after the application. Spraying when there is no rain or high winds in the forecast is recommended. You can find a schedule of pest management for fruit trees in the OSU Extension Publication EC 631 'Managing Diseases and Insects in the Home Orchards' (