Saving Tulip bulbs from year to year

Asked February 16, 2020, 4:05 PM EST

Hoping you can answer a question from Los Angeles, CA, planting zone 10b.
I have saved tulip bulbs from last year and replanted them this year. (I dug them out of my raised beds after the leaves dried out, saved the bulbs in a cool dry garage, then refrigerated them for 10 weeks or so and replanted them in early December)
They have come up nicely this year, only though, it seems that one variety, I'm not sure which one, came back very successfully (photo attached)
I wonder if you have advice as to which variety of tulip is best for bulb saving.
I wish to plant more different colors than what I have now.
Thank you in advance.
Edward Salier

Los Angeles County California

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Thank you for your question, Edward. California Extension does not appear to have advice on this topic, but, with proper care, most varieties of tulips can thrive in warm, dry climates. The following lists some reliable varieties: Hope this is helpful. Good luck!